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Top Rated Balance Transfer Cards For 2020 – updated for January of 2020

1. Chase Slate
Key Features
– 0% interest rate for 15 months on balance transfers
– No balance transfer fee
– No annual fee

2. The Card
Key Features
– 0% interest rate for 18 months on balance transfers
– 3% balance transfer fee
– 1% cash rebate on all purchases
– Free FICO score with your monthly statement
– No annual fee

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3. Citi Diamond Proffered Card
Key Features
– 0% interest rate for 18 months on balance transfers
– 3% fee For balance transfer
– No annual fee
– Free enrollment into the Citi Easy Deals concierge program

4. Barclay Rewards Mastercard
Key Features
– 0% interest rate for 12 months on balance transfers
– Earn 1 point on every $1 worth of purchases, 2 points on gas & groceries
– No annual fee
– Complimentary FICO score reporting

5. American Express Blue Cash
Key Features
– 0% interest rate for 12 months on balance transfers
– Cash back 1% on all purchases, 2% on gas, 3% on groceries
– No annual fee

6. Bank of America Cash Rewards
Key Features
– 0% interest rate for 12 months on balance transfers
– Earn 1% cash back on all purchases
– No annual fees
– $100 cash reward bonus if you spend $500 during first 90 days

Additional cards offering 0% APR worth considering

Capital One Platinum Prestige
Citi Simplicity Card
Bank America Better Balance Rewards Card
Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Card
The Carnival Mastercard
American Express Blue Sky
US Bank Visa Platinum Card
Chase Freedom
Citi Thank You Preferred Card
Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card

Guide to finding the best balance transfer credit cards for 2020

How the Best Balance Transfer Cards Can Work for You

Finding the right balance transfer offer comes down to a real simple formula, MATH : ) Current interest versus potential interest savings (including any applicable fees). Of course a lot of this will depend on your credit score and personal situation. Our primary focus is to provide you with all of the offers and help you make the best finance decision for your needs, to get a balance transfer offer that truly helps you save money and gain finance freedom into 2020 ! If you haven’t looked into what a balance transfer credit card can do for you, you’re probably missing out on a very positive opportunity. Transferring the balance owed on a high interest card over to something more manageable means keeping more of your own money, and there’s no beating that.

What the Best Transfer Cards Offer You

The most obvious features of a balance transfer credit card are the zeros. Insist on zero transfer fees and zero percent interest. Most cards impose time restrictions on the glorious zero, so examine the terms carefully and plan accordingly. For example, you may have to transfer your balance completely within the first six months after opening your account. Also, your zero percent interest will not last forever. The key to finding the best balance transfer card is to compare the details of every offer and choose the one that reaps the most rewards for you. The APR you will pay following the introductory period is also a crucial part of the equation to be taken under consideration.

Working the Card to Your Advantage

Transferring a significant balance can mean tremendous savings. Try putting that money to work for you in the form of debt reduction. What you save every month with your zero percent introductory rate can help pay other bills too. Rather than doing anything frivolous, improve your financial standing and your credit profile at the same time. Have less to worry about when it comes time to balancing your checkbook, and more to celebrate when you calculate the interest earned from your savings account. Pick the best balance transfer card available to you, and really make it count!

What You Don’t Want in 2020

If one of your goals is to save more money this coming year, watch out for late fees and penalty APRs. Even the most meticulous consumers make occasional mistakes, but there’s no reason to pay through the nose for them. Read through the card’s terms and conditions and make sure there will be no major surprises waiting for you in the event of a late or missed payment. Penalty rates can soar past 30 percent, completely negating the benefits of a transfer card. Citi Simplicity never imposes a late fee, allows for one oversight with no penalty, so don’t accept exorbitant charges for minor mistakes. Do keep in mind, however, that any tardiness on your part may negatively impact your credit score. Also, check the fine print for cash advance costs, along with any other miscellaneous monetary impositions. Your card should serve you, not the other way around.

A balance transfer credit card can put you in the driver’s seat for 2020. Look for terms that reduce the amount of money you’re paying on existing debt, along with many other bonuses for use. Choose wisely to make this a year for using less red ink and being able to enjoy more of your purchase power.

We help you find the top balance transfer and debt savings cards for your personal finance situation

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